Ms Jenine Pallant
Dip.Tchg.Primary (Vic.College), B. Ed. Primary (Vic.College), Post Grad. Dip. Educ. Studies - Student Welfare (Melb), M. Ed.(Melb) M. Ed Studies - Leadership (Monash)

School Administrator

Belinda Wright


Sonia Dunne (Deputy Principal)
B.Ed (University of Tasmania), M. Ed – Special Educational Needs (Deakin)

Cris Payne (Leading Teacher)
Dip.Tchg.Primary (Monash), Grad.Dip.Sp. Educ. (Vic.College), B. Ed. (Deakin)

Paul Crick
Dip.Tchg. (W.Sydney), B.Ed. Sp. Ed. (New England)

Kerri Ledingham
Dip.Tchg. Primary (Christchurch College of Ed.), Cert Teaching People with Disabilities (Christchurch Polytechnic), M. Ed – Special Educational Needs (Deakin)

Joanne Linsdell
B. Visual Arts (Vic College of Arts), Grad. Dip Educ. (Hawthorn Institute), Grad Dip. Visual Arts (Sydney College of Art), M. Visual Arts (Sydney College of Arts and Glasgow School of Art), M. Ed - Special Education (Melb)

Marnie Nyhuis (Direct Instruction/Transition Co-ordinator)
B. Tchg. (Deakin), Grad. Dip. Sp. Educ. (Deakin)

Michele Whitby
B.A (Deakin), B.Ed (Deakin), M. Ed – Special Educational Needs (Deakin)


Teaching Assistants

Matt Young

Jamie Choon - B. Applied Science – Disabilities Studies (Deakin)

Sarah Hunt - B.Visual Arts (Monash), B. Fine Art (Monash), Grad Dip. Educ. Secondary (Monash)

Noelle Collado - Certificate in Childcare, Certificate III in Education

Janine Hamilton - Certificate III in Education

Susan Hughes - B. Arts (Monash), Grad Dip. Educ. Secondary (Monash), Dip Counselling, Dip. Family Intake and Support Work.

Frances Moon - B. Ed. Music (Deakin)

Nancy Moss - Certificate III in Education

Debra Bennetts - Certificate III in Education

Zac Wright

Nikki Eykman



Specialist Support

Psychologist - Sharon Crowley 
BA, Grad Dip Applied Psych, Master of Psychology - Child & Educational (Monash)

Speech & Language Therapist - Suzanne Goldin
B.A. Speech & Hearing (Univ. of Witwatersrand, Sth Africa), M.S.P.A.

Student Assessment - Bernadette Young
B.Arts (Caulfield Institute), Certificate of Education (Deakin)

Music - Hey Dee Ho Educational Services

Dance - Fit2Move

Swimming - Ashburton Pool & Recreation Centre

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