Criteria for Enrolment

classroom-artSevere Emotional Disorder

Children who require special education provision as well as psychiatric or psychological treatment or monitoring in relation to the social, emotional, behavioural problems they are experiencing. All students at Currajong must continue regular treatment or monitoring from their treating psychologist or psychiatrist.


Children should be at least 5 years of age and under 14 years of age during their placement at Currajong. They should be no older than 11 years at the time of enrolment.

Family Involvement

Parents and caregivers need to be aware of Currajong’s Conditions of Entry and school policies and undertake to comply with these.

Intellectual Ability

Children need to be functioning within or above the normal range of intelligence (as measured on a standardised test) in order to be able to benefit from the programs offered at Currajong. As the level of intellectual ability may be difficult to determine in very young children with social, emotional, behavioural difficulties, such children may be referred on to a more appropriate school placement following periodic review.

Duration of Placement

There should be a clear understanding by referrers and families that placement at Currajong is full time over a three year period – this may be extended according to individual need. Length of placement is dependent on the age of the child upon enrolment. Children generally transition out at the end of grade six or year seven.

Prognosis for Change

There should be positive indicators of children’s potential and ability to sustain changes made and to reintegrate into mainstream education following placement at Currajong.

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