Special Education

outside2The students at Currajong are bright and likeable children whose needs have, for whatever reason, not been met in previous schools. 'Many youngsters with emotional and behavioural difficulties find it far too stressful in a mainstream environment...school life can be fraught with complications.' THE GABBITAS GUIDE

Currajong is committed to providing a positive and therapeutic school experience. This is essential if meaningful and lasting change is to take place for children who have responded to the demands of mainstream education with high levels of anxiety, distress and unwanted behaviours.

Specialist support staff at Currajong include a psychologist, and a speech pathologist who work closely with teaching staff to ensure optimum programming for all students. Children are also seen individually at the request of staff or families in relation to particular issues they may be experiencing or to assist in reaching learning or behavioural goals.

Currajong provides clear boundaries, rules and structures which provide emotional 'containment' for children who are not yet able to self-regulate.

The 'Hands Off' policy imparts a very clear message to children about what constitutes acceptable behaviour toward others. The discipline policy of the school does not permit corporal punishment at any time.

The school day at Currajong is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of our children e.g. learning sessions are one hour in length and lunch play is kept to thirty minutes as many children find less structured time difficult to manage.

Many families have endured a high level of blame in relation to the unwanted behaviours of their children and express a sense of relief in finding that this does not happen at Currajong. Parents are able to find, sometimes for the first time, a high level of support and understanding from staff and from one another.

'There is no doubt that special education is discriminatory - but the discrimination is in favour of the child's well-being, not against it....there would seem to be little sense in forcibly absorbing the most vulnerable of children into a (system) which is nowhere near ready to receive them' - TOM WAKEFIELD 'SPECIAL SCHOOL'

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