Indigenous Literacy Day

Sep 7, 2022

Indigenous Literacy Day

Our students celebrated Indigenous Literacy Day through attending the free virtual celebration for all Australians. Through storytelling, the students enjoyed having a window into the richness, diversity and multilingual world of First Nations peoples. Through the online and virtual platform, our students enjoyed seeing a selection of short, inspiring video stories by First Nations storytellers from across the country, that was held at the Sydney Opera House.


What is the Indigenous Literacy Day National Event about?


A lively group of children in remote Milikapiti and Jilkminggan, in the Northern Territory joyfully share their Stories, Cultures and Languages. 


Excitedly they respond to an unexpected call from ILF Ambassador and music icon, Jessica Mauboy, and proudly teach her a well-loved song in Tiwi and Mangarrayi, before ILF Ambassador, author and performer, Gregg Dreise sings the song in Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay. Audiences will be encouraged to stretch and bend and sing in three different languages, from three different places! 


Of course, all this hard work builds an appetite, and the children head off to hunt for a feed in the nearby waters before a well-earned fire-side feast.


Our students enjoyed this magical story led by children, sharing a snippet of life in remote Australia and the richness and diversity of First Nation peoples’ cultures, languages and stories. 


2022 is the first year of UNESCO’s Decade of Indigenous Languages. Indigenous Literacy Day celebrates and promotes the revitalisation and preservation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages now and for future generations of Indigenous children.