Welcome to our new teacher, Shaun

Oct 11, 2021

At the start of Term 4, Currajong welcomed Shaun to our experienced teaching team. Shaun has been appointed as the fulltime teacher in group 2, and will be guiding and working with our teacher assistants Georgia, Debbie and Nick.

Shaun is a dedicated professional who strives to make a positive contribution to the community and to children’s lives. Shaun has a strong interest in brain development, the impact of trauma, and implementing inclusive education to meet the diverse challenges of all students. His professional goal is to empower students through a calm, intrinsically motivated and supportive classroom that promotes creativity, exploration, problem solving and collaboration.

Shaun is an experienced classroom teacher and is coming with the experience of a level coordinator where he is a pedagogy coach where he plans and facilities planning, moderation and assessment data for all Grade 2 classes.

Shaun has many years’ experience working with diverse students who have differentiating needs. Shaun brings the following experience with him to The Currajong School;

  • The ability to establish and maintain safe, supportive and inclusive relationships with children, families and other staff.
  • Reflect on data to implement individual student goals.
  • He has led critical reflection and professional collaboration with colleagues to review and consistently improve delivery of lessons.
  • Art show committee – Plan and run the yearly event
  • NAIDOC committee – Plan and run the yearly event
  • Shaun has been a member of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) team
  • Shaun has been a Reading To Learn (R2L) Pedagogy Coach
  • Shaun has planned and run weekly Student Council meetings with students from Grade 2-6.

The Currajong community are very excited to have Shaun join our team, and work with the students and families in Group 2.